Merhaut Telemetry App


A little c# tool for a second monitor, that shows all important information while racing. Former developed by P. Merhaut (, but abandoned because of lack of time.

Download: (version


Key features:
– Webserver support: Displays fuel left, fuel per lap, laps left with current fuel, laps left in race and pitstop statistics (how much to refuel in how many laps).
– Shows current rpm, gear, speed, fuel left, water/oil temp, engine status (running/stalled), abs status (and it displays peak rpm, to see if you downshifted to early)
– if the rpm go over a threshold, then gear and rpm turns red (kind of „shiftlight“ for cars without a proper ingame shiftlight)
– if pit limiter is active gear and rpm go yellow.
– everytime you cross the start/finish line you get the fuel consumption per lap based on the last lap. including how much laps you can drive based on that fuel consumption.
– if you do not have enough fuel to finish the race, the app will tell you when to pit and how much fuel to refuel to finish the race
– everytime you pit/enter/exit the car the tire temperatures and tire wear are updated (iracing’s SDK doesn’t allow realtime updates of those values)
– supports iWrap – iRacing API Proxy.
– you can display a custom .png-file on the lower left. I added my steering wheel with the description for buttons a hardly use (use your iRacing-ID).


Current Version:

– added support for BMW Z4 GT3, Chevrolet Camaro Class B, Dallara DW12, Ford GT GT3, Holden Commodore VF V8, RUF RT 12R AWD, RUF RT 12R C-Spec, RUF RT 12R RWD, RUF RT 12R Track, Super Late Model, Toyota Camry-Gen6
– rpm thresholds adjusted on some cars

– added some missing files, which caused a crash of the program on some PCs
– should now always start in front

– new Installer
– added support for Sprint Car, Cadillac CTS-V, Kia Optima, Chevrolet SS-Gen6, Ford Fusion-Gen6, Ford Mustang Class B, McLaren MP4 and Lotus 49
– english units now also display the wheel temperature, oil temperature and water temperature in °F (instead of °C)
– mph should now be better calculated
– reverse gear and neutral gear now show as R and N (instead of -1 and 0)
– tyre wear will now be shown in %
– rpm thresholds adjusted on some cars
– buttons now will be also shown for users with Windows Classic Theme
– added MTA-icon

– added support for the new Ford GT and HPD ARX.

– added support for the new Impala SS.
– changed shiftpoint for Solstice and Williams F1.

– disabled the webserver by default. to enable it check the checkbox in the options, make sure to chose a free port and restart the app.

– added (simple) webserver support. html should be completely w3c valid. autoreload
every 5 seconds.

– added the new logo THX to Marty Jefferies for designing the Logo!
– added the possibility to toggle fields of (Water/Fuel/Rpm/Tyre/Gear)
– added iWrap Support. THX to Pete Ness for solving the problem i faced.

– added support for the new street stock car.
– if you press the border button, the border disappears and the window is staying on top of other windows (e.g. iRacing running in windowed mode)
– program now remembers it’s size, location and bordersetting.

– added support for the radical sr8. all cars are now supported.
– reduced the size of the buttons.
– added a borderless fullscreen mode.
– made the height of the rpm bar at the bottom configurable.
– replaced old car pictures with better looking ones.
– THX to Marty Jefferies for all the new car pictures!

– added support for the following cars: Chevy Corvette C6R, Williams F1, VW Jetta TDI, Riley Prototype, Ford V8 SuperCar, Skip Barber, Silver Crown, SK Modified, Tour Modified, Chevy Silverado, Chevy SS Impala Class A, Chevy Impala SS Class B. (images of these cars will come in a future version)
– THX to Eric Porterfield for providing me with the nescessary information about these cars!
– THX to Danilo Piazza for providing me with the nescessary information about the Riley DP!

– minor improvements for pitstop prediction
– added support for imperial units (pitstop prediction when using imperial units is untested, let me know if there is something wrong)

– yellow and red flags are now displayed on the upper right corner
– added support for changeable Fontsize and FontStyle (Bold/Regular)
– added much better Scaling Support. is now usable at below 640×480 resolution
– added Option Dialog

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