RaceRoom Racing Experience Update

Die Open Beta von RaceRoom Racing Experience hat heute ein neues Update erhalten. Damit erhält man nur endlich die Möglichkeit die hässlichen Kurvenschilder auszustellen. Diese Option ist jedoch noch nicht auf jeder Strecke wirksam, da diese jetzt Stück für Stück angepasst werden sollen. Ansonsten gab es einige Bugfixes und kleine Verbesserungen. Die Release Notes findet ihr im Klapptext.cornermarkers_seasonpass1-670x376

Added a toggle to turn off Corner markers to Custom Settings in Video Options. Please note the tracks will need to be updated for this to take effect. For now this update will only work on updated tracks that are mentioned in the Art changelog below. More tracks will be updated with next patch in 2 weeks.
Enabled DTM Experience purchase with vRP’s.
Fixed an issue where replay files would get game mode “Menu” tag on certain instances.
Fixed an issue where the Apex Hunt raceline for Canhard R52 in RaceRoom Raceway Hillcimb track was appearing beneath the tarmac.
Updated localization with various fixes.

RaceRoom Raceway and all its layouts have been updated for corner marker toggle.
RaceRoom Hillclimb both layouts have been updated for corner marker toggle.
Lakeview Hillclimb both layouts have been updated for corner marker toggle.
Tweaked diffuse values of all cars for better visuals.
Tweaked transparency textures of Interior windows for all cars.
Audi R8 LMS Ultra – Various fixes to interior textures.
BMW 320 Turbo – Updated windows banners.
Zakspeed Capri – Updated windows banners.
Various tweaks to characters around tracks. Adjusted lighting and color tone.

Physics & Audio:
Minor performance update to McLaren MP4-12C GT3
Audio: Improved backfire reverb effects in cockpit.

Portal & Online Protocol & In-Game Browser:
Added Season Passes section to player profiles. Players who have DTM Experience season pass 2013/2014 will get a sticker.
Added DTM Experience 2013 to the Store.
Added Hardware section which directs user to RaceRoom Entertainment Hardware website.
Re-enabled delete account functionality with additional e-mail confirmation to avoid accidental deletions.
Changed the competition flow. Difficulty is selected upon choosing the competition instead of having three separate ones. Only one entry per player regardless of difficulty.
Added Friends only functionality to the photo feed widget.
Updated Social media buttons and various backend improvements to brand pages.
Various improvements to the discount functionality.
Various improvements to Leaderboards.
Various improvements to the newsfeed functionality.
Fixed an issue there the top 10 avatars were showing the default R3E avatar in the leaderboard side panel despite players having custom avatars.

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