Assetto Corsa – Early Access Beta 0.7.5

Es gibt ein neues Beta-Update von Assetto Corsa. Die Beta Version 0.7.5 erhält den Pagani Huayra. Dieser bringt stolze 730 PS auf die Straße und wird mit einem Twinturbo-V12-Motor von Mercedes-Benz angetrieben. Ansonsten erhält der Patch einige Bugfixes und Performanceverbesserungen.


Notes 0.7.5:
– Pagani Huayra new car (turbo related sounds still wip)
– TC now does not engadge until a car specific speed when launching from stand still
– Aero fixes for Lotus Exos T125, corrects nose up excessive top speed
– Option for player selective collisions. A small workaround until we properly fix the AI. Collisions only occur around a small distance from the player. All other cars do not collide, limiting CPU occupation
– Fixed replay audio bug
– Fixed GUI on some apps
– Fixed race output
– New APP :: Track Description
– New APP :: Real Time X360 car controls debug
– Damage OFF option
– Fixed some glitches in mirror rendering
– Improved CPU performance on Monza
– Reduced launcher RAM and VRAM consumption while the simulator is active.
– Added French translation.
– Collision fixes at Monza and Silverstone gp
– Physical mesh at Silverstone gp more detailed.
– Fixed Concrete size at S-Schumacher, Nurburgring GP
– The launcher now keeps a rotating backup store of the local database (found in Documents\Assetto Corsa\launcherdata\backups)

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