Automation: V8 Motoren veröffentlicht

Es gibt einen großen Patch für Automation, der automatisch heruntergeladen wird, wenn ihr den Launcher startet. Die V8 Motoren gibts allerdings nur für Vorbesteller.

Automation Patch Notes:

  • Crossplane V8s are now available for everyone who has preordered
  • New V8 Scenarios
  • GUI now scales with resolution
  • Different length conrods depending on piston choice.
  • Fixed Demo slash screen not scaling
  • Added the ability to select different base scenarios (Tutorials, Inline 4, V8s)
  • Adjusted engine sound volume
  • Adjusted UI volume
  • Added Dual Exhausts
  • Fixed Engines Changing width on testing
  • Added Colour Blind mode (Found within the in game options)
  • Added AKI option for the US
  • Engine should change sound when it jumps onto VVL cams (V-Tec just kicked in yo)
  • Fixed UI ordering, windows have much higher offset values now
  • Should always play the tutorial sound to the end
  • Added a blank plate to the tech year slider in scenarios with a locked year
  • Fixed Cam Timings for INL4 DOHC
  • New Camera System (left click on what you want to look at)
  • Updated Shaders
  • Updated Environment Maps for shaders
  • Explosion Sprites are now additive
  • New Loading Screen(s)
  • New Photo button
  • New spline driven flex join (from headers to cat)
  • New carbon fibre shader
  • Loads more little fixes and changes!


  • Will now save password locally
  • Various issues with the Options file not saving hopefully fixed.
  • Handles being offline a lot nicer

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