Fahrzeugpotrait: Ferrari 512 BBi

Mein persönliches Highlight ist hier nicht das Auto, dass ist natürlich auch beeindruckend, aber die Garage ist der Wahnsinn. Das Auto steht auf einer Rampe die das Fahrzeug nach draussen rollt, wo dann der Motor gestartet wird. Das ist doch mal was feines.

When Holger Schubert created his studio-garage space, he did what any self-respecting, Ferrari-loving, minimalist architect would do: he took his work-of-art BB 512i and built everything around it. As any showcased work of art deserves to be, Holger’s car is in the spotlight and on the pedestal that is the studio garage, which was designed and built for the specific purpose of working and living alongside the Ferrari. Holger shares the details of his car and of his enviable space, which includes a 16-foot driveway bridge, a ramp to roll the car outside to start, and some of the best views a car can take in of the Pacific Ocean.

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